Use the My PGiA Planner to reflect on your context, plan your performance goals and design your learning. Consider how you will evidence your change in practice and demonstrate the impact this change has on students or services you provide.

There is a set of question cards My PGiA Questions that can guide you through the process.

Our PGiA

Use the Our PGiA Planner to reflect as a team on your context, plan your collective goals aligned to your Annual Improvement Plan and what you will do as a team to progress these goals.

There is a set of question cards Our PGiA Questions that Faculty/Stage/Team Leaders can use to facilitate their team to complete the planner to output a team Professional Learning Plan.

The students of an ineffective teacher learn an average of half a year’s worth of material in one school year, while the students of a very good teacher learn one and a half years’ worth — a difference of a year’s worth of learning in a single year.

Erik Hanushek, 2011.